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What to Text After a Date With Ukrainian Women

A photo of a woman seated at a cafe, smiling while checking something on her phone
Potava WomenKnowing what to text after a date is just as important as preparing
for the date itself.

Among the many problems men struggle with is figuring out what to text after a date, and one can only imagine how much more difficult it would be if it was with a beautiful woman from Ukraine.

Every first date experience is about making a good impression, and hoping that impression will last long enough to land you a second date. However, regardless of what happens during the date itself, what you do afterwards can also factor in a woman’s decision about whether or not she should see you again.

The most important thing you should consider is your timing. Despite having had a great time with your gal, you should let yourselves reflect on the events that occurred and determine if going out on another date would be ideal. Take note that women normally expect the guy to ask for their phone number, but if they are genuinely interested in you, they may give it to you freely.

Obtaining a Ukrainian woman’s number before the date ends is crucial. Even if you meet on a dating app, asking for her contact details is a step forward towards establishing the relationship you wish to have with her. If you don’t text or call her after having met each other in person, it’s likely for her to think that you’re not that interested.

Moving on, your after date text message should be based on the following conditions:

  • Did the date go well?

  • Were you able to connect with each other?

  • Do you feel that you’ve established a good foundation for a possible relationship?

Keep in mind that Ukrainian women will observe the way men behave starting from the first interaction, whether online or in person, up until the last. In considering these three things, you can have a better outlook as to how you should compose your message.

Say your date ended awkwardly and you’re not even sure if she went home happy and satisfied, yet you text her, “That was one of the best nights I had in my life! Thank you so much for a great date!”

How do you think she would feel knowing that you completely ignored whatever awkward situation took place, and that you didn’t even consider asking if she had an equally great time as well?

You would come off as insensitive and ignorant, and she might end up thinking you’re not worth seeing anymore.

Always take the time to think about what happened during your date before sending a text. As such, in your text, you should be able to:

  1. Express your appreciation.

    Wouldn’t it be more romantic to call her instead? That may be a good point, but phone calls are usually done when you’re sure that you’re both comfortable with each other. Asking if she got home safely is another way of showing that you’re still thinking about her even after you’ve parted ways for the night. If you drop her home yourself, all the better.

    Here are some good text messages you can send:

    • a. “I had such a wonderful time with you. I hope you had fun, too.”

    • b. “Thank you for a lovely evening.”

    • c. “You were a delight to be with. Thank you for tonight.”

    It doesn’t hurt to add an emoji after your texts, either. Just make sure not to overdo it.

  2. Indicate how you would like to see her again.

    Even if there is no assurance that a second date is in order, being able to express your intentions about wanting to see her again will show how persistent you are about getting to know her. Recall the conversations you had and use what you’ve learned to transition your way into asking her out again.

    Here are some good examples:

    • a. “That restaurant you mentioned sounds interesting. We should go there some time.”

    • b. “I looked up the movie you were talking about and it sounds exciting! Will book us tickets asap.”

    • c. “You mentioned you were very interested in nature, there’s this book event where they talk about everything related to that and I thought you might want to check it out together.”

    • d. “Last night was great, I hope to spend another lovely evening with you again.”

    • e. “Why don’t we try Asian cuisine next time? I know this restaurant that has the best Asian recipes!”

Considering her interests will show that you were listening to her during your date, and that you are sincere about wanting to spend time with her again. With that, she will certainly feel valued and appreciated.

A Simple Text Can Go a Long Way

Men would normally wait three days before asking someone out again, but it can also depend on the situation and circumstances. That’s why it’s important to reflect on your date before rushing into another one, and being able to compose a good text message can be your ticket to achieving that.

The thing is, when you text a girl, you are basically reaching out to her. Your message should be simple, yet straight to the point. Even if you don’t know how she feels about you yet, never leave her guessing so that she doesn’t lose interest.

If you’re still unsure of what to text her, here are some safe ones you can go with:

  • a. “I really enjoyed our date. Would you care to have coffee with me some time this week?”

  • b. “Had a great time with you tonight. I really would like to get to know you more, may I ask when you’re free?”

  • c. “Thank you for a splendid evening. I look forward to seeing you again soon.”

It goes without saying that Ukrainian women have encountered all kinds of messages and dates with men who wanted to pursue them. The key is to stay consistent in your efforts. If she readily rejects the idea of going out with you on a second date, don’t lose hope. She may need some time and space for reasons she’s not comfortable sharing with you yet.

Knowing what to text after a date may not determine your chances of going out on another one, but it can definitely increase them. Learn what you can before the date takes place so that you’ll know what to say right when it ends. Have fun and good luck!

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