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Meet and Match with Single Women in Poltava

Marriage Culture in Poltava

Like any other city in Ukraine, Poltava has its own traditional marital culture. Following their tradition based on the Poltava history comes with marrying Poltava women. Learn about these and see why Poltava women are some of the world’s most sought after brides.

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Traditional Ukrainian wedding preparations vary per family and region. Some Poltava women seeking marriage, have not adapted to the old practices while others follow it by heart. Before the wedding, the groom is expected to “pay the ransom” in the bride’s parents’ house. He is supposed to offer anything valuable in exchange for the bride’s hand in marriage. Traditionally the parents are supposed to dress up someone else with a veil and when the groom figures out that it is not his intended bride, he is supposed to ask for her with a bigger “ransom” to offer. This is similar to the concept of dowry that is practiced in other countries.

A short ceremony is also done apart from the “ransom” giving. Both grooms and Poltava brides are to ask the blessing from their parents. The ritual is officiated by a starosta (elder). The couple sits on a bench before a rushnyk is placed on their lap. Attendees of the ceremony are then given a fraction of the wedding bread. The elder then recites "As these two children stand before their own mother, before their own father, before their uncles, before their godparents; maybe they did not listen to one of you, I ask you to forgive them and bless them." In response, family members say "Bih sviatyi" three times. After which, the bride and groom bows and kisses their parents’ faces, feet, and hands.

After the blessings are given, the bride and groom then steps on the rushnyk. The person who takes the lead in the relationship should take the first step in the cloth. A crowning ceremony follows where the bride’s wreath on top of her head (vinok) is replaced by another headdress called ochipok and namitka.

This covers her face which traditionally symbolizes her marriage to the groom. Meanwhile, the groom is given another piece of headdress, which symbolizes his responsibility as the bride’s husband. Compared to western weddings, most Ukrainian wedding celebrations last for days or weeks even. During this celebration, the wedded couple, their families, and the guests share a feast and a toast. The reception will also include a lot of singing and dancing.

Why Poltava Women Are Ideal Wives

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A lot of men prefer to find a wife in Poltava not just because of their physical qualities, but also because of their other qualities. Single Poltava ladies come from mixed races which results to their outstanding beauty nowadays. This admirable physical appearance comes with formidable traits such as loyalty, sincerity, and genuineness. Most of the Poltava ladies possess maternal instincts that makes them ideal homemakers to a family. After marriage, the priority of these women shift from themselves to their family. They devote their time and attention to raising the children and taking good care of their husbands.

These single Poltava girls have a heart full of unconditional love for their significant others. They disregard differences of religion, culture, and race if it means that they get to be with the one they love. They keep an open mind to everything that they are not used to. When it comes to their career and their family, these girls will choose their family at the drop of a hat. They don’t mind putting their career behind if it means a better future for their husband and children.

When seeking grooms who wish to meet Poltava women, they will easily see how genuine they are with their emotions. These ladies do not play-pretend when it comes to their feelings. They speak out their thoughts with utmost sincerity while keeping an understanding mind on how their significant other feels.

One can expect more Poltava girls to be flexible to the different hardships of life. These ladies do not back down to difficult circumstances. A man can expect these girls to stand by their side through the good times and bad. They will live up to the vow that they have said on their wedding day.

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The only expectation of most Poltava women seeking men is to be able to find a man that they can actually consider as their partner. Because of the commitment that they put in the relationship, these ladies will expect for their significant other to do the same as well. They will want someone who can stand firm on their decisions and support for them. They want their husband to be mature enough for the family they will share together.

If you are looking for the kind of woman who is more than ready to start a family with you, join our singles tours to Poltava and meet lovely Poltava ladies. Our best marriage agency and matchmakers will help you find your perfect match among the personals who enlist with us. Meet and match with single women of Poltava. See why Poltava women are some of the world’s most sought after brides by meeting them personally.

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