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Getting a Second Date with Ukrainian Women

A photo of a man and woman standing at a high point with arms linked and raised
Potava WomenGetting that yes to a second date with Ukrainian women is easy.
Follow these steps.

Acing the first date with Ukrainian women may be easy for some. But do you know how to follow up on being able to make it to a second one?

Although there has been no record of Western men having major troubles with the Ukraine dating culture, a good number of them struggle with knowing how to impress single women enough to land them on a good second date.

What is missing? What more needs to be done?

First off, men like you should not think that one date with a Ukrainian beauty is enough to make her fall for you.

No, you won’t be able to hear the wedding bells as early as that first night out together.

If you truly aim to be in a loving relationship with a Ukrainian lady, or look forward to marrying a Ukrainian woman someday, then make sure you build a meaningful and lasting connection right from the start.

Second, all the other consecutive dates will only work if you know how to apply the right methods.

In this guide, we list down some of the easiest ways for you to try to capture a Ukrainian woman’s interest and get that sweet yes to a second date.

Scroll down if you are ready to learn them all:

1. Ukrainian women like it when you show interest in what they are saying.

Beautiful Ukrainian women like it when men respect them enough to show interest in the things they share and talk about, especially during a date.

If you want her to like you back, simply show it.

When dating a Ukrainian woman, be active in the conversations you’ll be having. Ask the right questions and be genuine in your responses.

Keep in mind that not all Ukrainian women can speak English fluently, so be sure to have patience throughout your conversations as well.

Listen to what she says — her likes and dislikes, her opinions and beliefs — and be ready to set forth appropriate responses and follow-up questions.

Showing interest can be seen not only through your words, but also through your body language. Lean in from time to time, smile and laugh when appropriate, and make sure to look into her eyes.

Once she picks up your sincerity, she will gladly take up your offer in going out on a second date.

2. Be willing to start again with your Ukrainian lady.

Even if you believe that the first date went better than you expected, there is no telling that the other party thought so too.

To be sure, lay it out by the end of your date that you would be happy to go out with her again. You don’t necessarily have to tell her word for word that you’re willing to make the second date a better one, just be sincere in your words and actions in showing her that you have genuine intentions.

Not only are you earning points for being considerate and sweet, but you are also basically setting up a sure second date.

With this, you are proving yourself seriously interested in her that you care about how she felt the whole time you were together.

As long as you haven’t spotted any red flags from each other during your first date, then it will be easy for her to say yes to a second one.

Second dates are even considered a better way for you to know more about each other compared to the first, where nervousness and excitement may have gotten the best of you.

3. Talk with your Ukrainian date about the second date itself.

This may be a charming way for you to let your intentions be known.

It helps to talk about the second date while you are still happy and giddy from the first one.

While you are enjoying each other’s company, a topic such as this shouldn’t be too demanding or awkward to bring up.

With that, you can also come up with some creative date ideas that your Ukrainian lady may just look forward to. Make it a team effort so that she feels truly connected with you. You can also let her take the lead so that the date becomes even more appealing to her.

Take the risk — obviously, the gains are all worth it.

4. Text and call Ukrainian women after the first date.

Let her know that you’re thinking about her even when you have parted for the night.

This is another way to make a connection with her even without seeing each other for the time being.

Show your excitement in wanting to see her again through your texts and calls.

Use the time you have at this point to become even closer to each other. Just make sure, however, that you do not come off as a creep or a nuisance with the constant chats.

Keep her invested and wanting, and you’ll see how fast she will miss your presence. Maybe the next time you call she’ll be the one to ask you out.

5. Surprise Ukrainian women with after-date gifts.

Women in Ukraine are very open and appreciative of men giving them gifts. As long as you have permission to have your date’s address, you may prepare for the perfect surprise for her.

You can go with safe staples such as a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. For greater impact, however, you can opt to make the gift more personal.

Remember the things she said back on your first date? Play with these and find something suitable for a surprise.

It should be something that she did not talk a lot about, but something that particularly matters to her.

May it be the book that she has always wanted to get her hands on or the wine she likes the most, be as unpredictable as you can without being weird or suspicious.

This may seem like a small gesture, but for a Ukrainian woman who is still considering her feelings for you, meaningful gifts are a real game changer.

Don’t forget to complete the package with a sweet note. You may remind her to let you know when she receives it.

In giving her a sweet and romantic gift, you have established another way to connect with her again. Maybe ask her out on a second date afterward.

Securing a Second Date with Ukrainian Women

Yes, the work does not end when you walk out happy and content from your first date.

If you want to score a second date with Ukrainian women, you have to double your efforts.

All the steps provided above are simple and easy to follow.

Just put in your dedication and genuine intentions, and you will surely win the hearts of the beautiful women of Ukraine.

That second date may even come without you asking for it.

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