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Travel Destination – Poltava

Travel to Poltava
Potava WomenLearn why you should travel to Poltava and explore the
many historical wonders and women it holds.

There are many reasons why you should travel to Poltava. Poltava is one of the most popularly visited places in Ukraine. It is located on the East-central part of the country and it is the administrative center of Poltava Oblast on the river Vorskla. After World War ll, the city of Poltava has been reconstructed and developed after suffering damage from the war.

The focus of the region’s development lies on fertile agriculture and industries that process farm produce. Today, the city of Poltava is known to be the cultural center of Ukraine where many monuments and sites were reconstructed to preserve the city’s history and heritage.

Poltava has been made famous from the historic battle called the “Battle of Poltava” that took place on June 27, 1709. The decisive victory of Peter the Great over Swedish forces was one of the battles that occurred during the Great Northern War. The victory ended Sweden’s power and marked the beginning of the Russian supremacy in Eastern Europe.

After which, Poltava became a center of Ukrainian cultural renaissance in the 19th century. The city’s history still lingers through the monuments dedicated to every detail that took place during the fateful battle that occurred on that famously remembered day. Besides the imperial architecture that fills the city, Poltava boasts beautifully historic cathedrals and scenic views outside of the borders of the metropolis.

From the city’s struggles and historic past, Poltava has come a long way from how it used to be. Its buildings are not the only things that have risen and were made anew, but its people as well. Many of the residents such as the men and women have developed into strong people. The women in Poltava, most especially, have grown both beautiful inside and out.

Where is Poltava Located?

Poltava women
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Poltava is located between Kharkiv and Kiev in Ukraine. Situated on the Vorskla River in central Ukraine, it is the capital city of the Poltava Oblast within the Poltava district it surrounds. It is unknown when the city was founded, but it was made famous for the battle of Poltava that took place in 1709.

Many of the monuments and the battlefields are the city’s major tourist attractions, making Poltava an ideal place to travel to for those who are interested in embracing the history that established this beautiful city.

The climate is generally temperate with chilly winters and warm summers; with the warmest month being July. Every winter season includes a snowy cover that usually begins in December. Poltava has abundant natural resources that are suitable for both the city’s economic and geographical position.

Poltava territory holds many enterprises that specialize in fuel, food, light, and woodworking industries. Situated not far from large metallurgical, machine building, and scientific centers such as Kiev and Kharkov, the city of Poltava contributes ¼ of Ukraine’s entire industrial production.

How to Get to Poltava?

Visiting Poltava is the best way to experience the authentic beauty of Ukraine. Accommodations within the city are relatively cheaper and more convenient all year round than other tourist destinations. In Poltava, there is no such thing as low and peak seasons in terms of traveling. Compared to other Ukrainian major cities, it is definitely the cheapest of the three with so much beauty and scenic sites to explore, which is one of the reasons why you should travel to Poltava.

The best time to visit Poltava depends on your own schedule and preference. Just like the entire country, the climate can be quite cold from late November until early March. However, during late June to early September, the weather can be rather hot for most foreigners. Through our best marriage agency and matchmakers, we can guarantee that your desired preferences will be accommodated for your trip if you wish to join our Poltava singles tours.

When you join our singles tours to Poltava, you will receive 5-star accommodations, around-the-clock assistance from our local staff, and safe tours around the city. Besides meeting your desired Poltava bride among our hundreds of women, you also get to experience the beauty and rich culture of Poltava. Itineraries and various services are offered to you during your stay. Not only that, transportation to and from the airport are also provided by our agency.

Poltava singles tours
Potava WomenThrough our Poltava singles tours, you get the chance to
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  • Museums

    Full of history and heritage, Poltava holds many historic wonders for tourists. Famous for the battlefield in which the Battle of Poltava took place, many aspire to visit and behold this historic landmark. Where the exact same spot that was dedicated to that battle, now stands a museum today. To learn more about the events that took place around the famous battle, a guided tour is offered to those who wish to partake in it.

  • Art Galleries

    Located in downtown Poltava lies the Gallery of Arts. It is the perfect place to see the works of the most talented local artists. Other places also sell souvenirs such as the oldest ne right in the city center, Oktyabrskaya Street. These souvenir shops also offer pieces of traditional Ukrainian embroidery.

  • Monuments

    The White Rotunda monument (also known as the Friendship Rotunda) is some of the most visited sites within Poltava. Located on one of the few hills around the area, this site overlooks the city. It is also an ideal place for newlyweds to have their first photo session.

    Another well-known monument to check out is the Monument of Glory which is located in the city’s Korpusky Park. Known by the locals as the Eagle monument, this site was constructed in 1806 to honor the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Poltava.

These are all the reasons why you should travel to Poltava. Explore these sites and more, alongside the perfect Poltava woman. Through our many services, you can learn more about how to meet women in Poltava and experience genuine international romance with these beautiful ladies who are all eager to meet foreign men like you.

Further your knowledge with their dating culture and traditions to fully prepare yourself before meeting your Ukrainian soulmate.

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