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History of Poltava - The Historically Beautiful Past of Poltava

One of the biggest cities in Ukraine is Poltava. It is particularly located in Central Ukraine within the boundaries of Poltava Oblasts. It celebrated its 1100th city anniversary on 1999, making it one of the oldest cities in the country and the most historic-filled cities within Ukraine.

It is the home of popular tourist destinations including the Dendropark, Field of Poltava Battle, and The Poltava Museum of Local Lore. Many tourists travel to the city to see these scenic destinations and to meet the most sought after Poltava women. Travel back in time and learn the very interesting history of one of Europe's most popular cities.

Poltava Back in the Days

The history of Poltava traces back to the middle ages. According to the Hypatian Chronicle, the name of the city is connected to the settlement of Ltava. It is said that on St. Peter’s Day, Rus’ Prince Igor Sviatoslavich chased hordes of the Cuman Khans Konchak and Kobiak across the Vorskla River close to Ltava. But during the Mongolian invasion, it is believed that surrounding areas of Ltava were destroyed. By 1430, Poltava was already existent but was later on destroyed by Crimean Khan Mengli I Giray.

Slowly, the city recovered and was eventually lead by Ografena Vasylivna Glinska. Her reign lasted until 1537 when she passed on the authority to her son-in-law Mykhailo Ivanovych Hrybunov-Baibuza. However, the leadership in Poltava was once again changed when it was passed on to a Polish mogul Bartholomew Obalkowski in 1630. This is after the Union of Lublin was established and the Crown of Poland took over most of Poltava’s neighboring cities.

A witness of the history of Poltava is the Alexander Square.
Potava WomenTour clients get to witness the rich history of Poltava
through its historic sites

Later in 1648, the city became the center of operations under the regiment of Ukrainian Cossacks. It became the stronghold of the Khmelnytsky Uprising at that time. They won over the Polish army and this resulted to the Metropolitan of Kiev instituting the Monastery of the Exaltation of the Cross.

The government including its residents, men and women in Poltava, then pledge its allegiance to the Czar of Muscovy in 1654. It carried the gravity of the anti-government revolt and later on became the base of the Haida Marks. The occupants of Poltava in those days faced the Swedish armies in what is known now as the Battle of Poltava. It took place in June 27, 1709 and was a monumental event for all Russians.

Slowly, factories, pharmacies and fairs emerged in Poltava. It became a part of Novorossiysk Governorate in 1770. A lot of Greek settlers have immigrated to the city at that time after the capture of the Ottoman Empire. Finally in 1779, county schools were built and the educational system was instituted. The Poltava Governorate followed thereafter in 1802.

Modern Day Poltava

Poltava has been under several government rulers through the years. But it was under the leadership of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic that the country grew industrially. From its initial population of 1,335 residents in 1654, the number of residents in the city grew to more than 130,000 in 1939. Today, it is estimated to have a population of 294,020. Among those numbers are the lovely Poltava Brides that many men search for as their life partner. After the Nazi occupation, Poltava once again underwent restoration that lasted until 1960s. It became the center of military education. It trained missile officers and Soviet Air Force bombers as well as communications officers in the local bases.

Modern day view of Poltava which came a long way from Poltava’s past.
Potava WomenPoltava today continues to grow as a beautiful city and as
a home to many wonderful Poltava women.

Now, the city enjoys peace and preserves the rich Poltava past it has witnessed through the years. A lot of vintage structures still stand proud in different parts of Poltava. The Neoclassical Square, also called Alexander Square, for one was dedicated for the Battle of Poltava. It is governed with a city council consisting of 50 elected members.

Residents of Poltava also get to enjoy the spirit of sportsmanship amongst themselves through football. The city has two teams namely FC Poltava and the Vorskla Poltava. Most of their games are played at the three stadiums that the city has.

Another notable thing about Poltava is its Poltava Gravimetric Observatory. It is just one of the must visit destinations for people planning on joining Poltava singles tours, city tours, and group tours.

Coming to and from these tourist highlights, tourists can take the local transportation. There are buses and minibuses with several routes in the city as well as railway links that connect Poltava to other parts of Ukraine.

Other things to do in Poltava include:

  • Visiting the Chapel of Pantheleymon Saint, Voznesenska Church, and other historical churches.

  • Strolling in the popular Field of the Great Poltava Battle.

  • Museum sighting at the Museum of Heavy Bomber Aviation, Literary Memorial Museum of I.P. Kotlyarevsky,and the N. Yaroshenko Art Museum.

  • Dinner at local restaurants with friendly locals including single Poltava women.

Poltava is one of the most historic-filled cities within Ukraine. Before you start learning how to meet Poltava women, take the time to familiarize yourself with the city’s history which has shaped its people’s culture and tradition. Travel back in time and learn the very interesting history of one of Europe's most popular cities.

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