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Spending Valentine’s Day in Poltava With Your Ukrainian Woman

couples holding a teddy bear
Dating your woman from Poltava is a blessing, make each second count!

The union of two different hearts, minds, and souls is something special and unique. If there’s a global celebration to honor it, it would be Valentine’s Day. Now, that February 14, 2022, is on the horizon, couples scramble to find ways to celebrate the occasion.

If you’re one of those people who are excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner, you better prepare in advance and impress your date. If you’re currently dating a woman from Poltava, there are actually a lot of things you can do to make both of your Valentine’s Day experiences more romantic and magical.

Here are some wonderful ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day with your soon-to-be Poltava bride:

Catch the sunrise at Belaya Besedka.

A structure that looks like a horseshoe painted in white
Start your day by catching the sunrise at The White Arbor

Nothing beats starting your Valentine’s Day by watching the sunrise together at Belaya Besedka. Also known as Belaya Al’tanka or The White Arbor, this vantage point is also popular because of its magnificent views of the Vorskla River and the city center. Seeing all the beauty (including your Poltava sweetheart) in one spot is worth the time and a memorable Valentine’s Day experience.

Moreover, your first time in Poltava will be memorable, and perhaps, a lucky one as locals say that visiting the Rotunda of friendship will harbor good fortune. If you examine the eight-pillared structure, it looks like a horseshoe, which is also perceived as the symbol of good luck. Tell her that you feel like the luckiest guy in town when you’re with her before leaving the spot!

Relax at Verholy Park.

If you’ve had enough shopping during Valentine’s Day in the West, you can definitely try something new with your partner while in Poltava. Impress her by inviting her to relax at Verholy Park. Cozy up together in a fireplace or in a soft bed in one of the camp’s chalets or cottages, surrounded by expansive pine trees. Order some signature Poltava dishes and a bottle of wine while you both talk heartily in private.

The relaxation doesn’t end there. Experience the spa with its unique massage, sauna, and facial treatments. Or, you and your partner can ride a horse or a bicycle to explore the park! There’s also a swimming pool you can dip into if you prefer!

Experience Halushky.

If there’s one kind of food that Poltava is known for throughout Ukraine, it’s the Halushky or traditional dumplings. Your significant other will be surprised and impressed if you want to taste some Halushky. However, if you want the experience to be memorable, tell her that you want to try Halushky with her at her house.

Ask her if her relatives know how to make one. If they know, offer to buy the main ingredients as well as the sour cream, crackling, grains, potatoes, and cottage cheese.

Go skiing!

What more fun and exciting to spend Valentines in Poltava than to go skiing. If you know how to ski, it’ll be a great opportunity to teach her some basic lessons, as well as pick her up, and hold her in your arms every time she falls down on the ice. Or, constantly give her a warm hug whenever she’s shivering.

However, if you are both beginners, you and your partner can opt for the newbie course and together unlock a new skill on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it romantic accomplishing something new on the most romantic day of the year, right?

Explore Vorskla River.

If your Poltava girlfriend is the type of Ukrainian woman who loves the outdoors, then there’s no better place to spend Valentine’s than exploring the magnificent Vorskla River. Hire a canoe or a boat and cruise through the placid river with your lover. Stop at a suitable place for a picnic or an area where you can go swimming and fishing.

Treat your partner and her family to dinner.

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day in Poltava, you might as well invite her family to dinner. There are plenty of restaurants in Poltava, mostly offering Eastern European cuisines. For one, you can go to Minimo if you want a variety of delectable lamb dishes and exquisite Georgian cuisine.

After that, you can bring your girlfriend to Shade Meat & Wine Cafe or Concrete Bar if you want to grab some drinks. Both pubs have a romantic ambiance and a spot where both of you can talk.

Offer to cook for her and her family.

If you have a passion for cooking, you might want to impress her and her family by being the chef on Valentine’s Day. See to it that you’ll arrive in Poltava a day before Valentine’s so you have adequate time to buy ingredients and prep them for cooking. You can cook them any type of dish that they haven’t tried before. It’s a two-way street: they get to know your culture and you’ll know theirs.

Visit her family and relatives.

If your partner’s family and relatives are living in a different oblast, you might want to surprise her on Valentine’s Day by offering to visit them. Most Ukrainian women will take it as a special gesture and will make them feel that they are valued and loved.

Aside from that, it’s a good way to explore the various raions and oblasts in Ukraine. It’s a win-win situation for both of you. She gets to see her relatives and you get to spend time with her and her family in a new environment. If you want to marry a Ukrainian woman, start with her family.

Hike Ivanova Mountain.

If you’re thinking of outdoors, trees, relaxing views, and picnics, ask her out to Ivanova Mountain. It’s worth a shot if you want to spend Valentine’s Day with her and get to know the place. Take some pictures and selfies together so you’ll have something memorable to bring back home.

Are you ready to experience something new this Valentine’s Day?

man and woman embracing each other
Marrying a Ukrainian woman requires dedication and true love.

Now that you’ve read some date ideas for Valentine’s Day in Poltava, make sure to prepare yourself for the entire trip. If you want to spend more time with your partner, book a flight prior to Valentine’s Day. You may also opt to stay longer and spend more time with your significant other.

Arrange and schedule the activities you want to do with her and make sure to allot extra time because you’ll be enjoying your Valentine’s Day celebration with her!

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