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BEST Restaurants for Date Night in Poltava Ukraine

A fine dining restaurant in Poltava.
Potava WomenWiden your options when it comes to choosing
the best date night restaurants for you to take her!

Imagine yourself in Poltava, Ukraine and sitting in a restaurant, running a finger through a menu and find yourself already on the third page but still undecided on what to order for dinner.

Your feet tremble as you see the nervous smile of anticipation the beautiful lady across from you has. You realize that you have to order. Well, maybe it’s best to consider that bland dish you had last time as the situation calls for, so you get yourself a yogurt that you may or may not find all that satisfying.

If you are in Poltava, you will absolutely not be in this kind of situation.

Indoor dining is one of the things that you should not miss when you are in the city of Poltava. Date night will surely be memorable for you and your woman as you get to enjoy what these restaurants in Ukraine have in store for you. As you visit central Ukraine, not only will you be able to enjoy some Poltava tourist attractions but you will also witness the lively company the people around you can offer.

Are you planning for a romantic date night with her but suddenly run out of options on where to go next? Or have you been wanting to try the things that you only see online through different Ukrainian sites?

For those of you who fancy Ukrainian women and would wish to experience fine dining, start by paying a visit to these restaurants:

Dykan’ka Restaurant

Are you in the mood for some grilled food? Then this is the place for you. The Dykan’ka restaurant serves both lunch and dinner meals and you will most likely be offered several mouth watering grilled foods from the menu.

You will definitely get a taste of the traditional Ukrainian cuisine from the foods served here. If you enjoy the company and entertainment of a live band and music as you dine, the upper level is most suited for you. Banquets also take place here and they play music most of the night. Getting entertained with such a band and music will only cost you a dollar or less, on top of everything.

Lvivska Kavyarnya

Coffee. Street. People. These are the defining elements of the Lvivska Kavyarnya. Just like your go-to cafe, this place has got one of the best lattes in Ukraine, but the one thing that makes it unique among the rest is the fact that it is situated along the main pedestrian street of Poltava.

If you and your woman are looking for some place where you can eat and talk well, make sure to pay a visit to this place. When the weather's fine and the skies are clear, there is no doubt that this cafe brings out the best in Poltava Ukraine. Converse and communicate openly, and connect to her closer than ever. Surely, this will be a place you won’t forget.

Vivat Provincia Pivovarnya

If you are looking for some European treats to surprise your mouth, the vivat Provincia Pivovarnya has it in the house for you. From its historic location situated at the center of the field of the Battle of Poltava, you can enjoy bread from the renowned Vivat Province’s bakery.

You can also drink a few mugs of beer boiled fresh, and try sausages from the sausage shop only from the Vivat Provincia Pivovarnya.

Tanintort Cafe

You were feeling full from all the main and side dishes you tried for the night and all of a sudden you are craving for something sweet that would tickle your taste buds once again. Pastries, cakes, and cookies are also delights that you will enjoy just as much as you enjoyed all the other dishes from Poltava, Ukraine.

The Tanintort Cafe has a wide range of sweet baked delicacies that are amazingly accompanied with tea, coffee, and soft drinks. Not just these, but the place has also a warm ambiance, good music and staff all together. Something that you should definitely not miss.

Augustin Restaurant

Some people prefer the combination of two different cuisines into one and that is a preference that the Augustin restaurant can cater to. It is where you can be served with both Russian and European dishes and at the same time have some good time at the bar!

When you feel like being under the sun, you can always opt for outdoor seating and reserve your own spot. Fine cuisine, wine, and beer, all of these await for you at the Augustin restaurant. For what they have there is something that you will absolutely love.

You Are What You Eat!

For couples, eating together is one of the sweetest gestures that partners can do with the other as it is something that you would not prefer to do with the people whom you are not interested in.

Asking a woman out for a date at a restaurant only tells how interested you are to her. By doing this, you are subtly embracing her culture and place of origin little by little.

She can see and will appreciate the effort you have put through yourself just to be able to be as one with her. As you do things together, you will slowly realize how it is important for two people like you to bond, especially the distance given in between.

Picture yourself taking delight in these tasty and distinctive dishes from Poltava Ukraine. Wouldn’t that be such a wonder? Truly, there is more to lose if you don’t get to try these dishes for at least once. Let your taste buds dictate the truth about the goodness and your heart be the judge for what you feel.

For couples, eating together is one of the sweetest gestures that a partner can do for the other as it is something that you would not prefer to do with the people whom you are not interested in.

Take the time to bond and spend time together with a beautiful woman from Poltava and don’t miss out on what the world is missing too! Spread the word about these best restaurants for your date night Poltava, Ukraine!

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