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Maintaining Long Distance Relationships with Ukrainian Women

A photo of a man and woman holding hands, with the sunset in the background
Potava WomenA long-distance relationship is hard, but not impossible.
A long-distance relationship.

That phrase alone has scarred and scared away many men in their search for love and a compatible partner among foreign women, like the beautiful ladies of Poltava and Ukraine.

It is an unfortunate reality, but relationship issues do happen more often to those who are in an LDR than to those who are not separated by many, many miles.

A few challenges include money issues, establishing boundaries, and meeting expectations.

So is it all but a waste of time, effort, and emotions when you want to commit to a long distance relationship? As with any other type of relationship or romantic setup, there is a way to make it work — and work just fine.

You might be surprised by research findings indicating little difference in quality between LDRs and close relationships.

When providing relationship advice for men, a woman's perspective goes a long way. Input from women on what a healthy relationship is needed as well.

And, as we have always done, we are listing down below 6 easy steps that you can implement in your love life to make it grow and last long — no matter how far you may be from your lady.

1. Set proper expectations about your relationship.

Find time to sit down and talk with your foreign girlfriend about what is to come in your relationship.

You both must understand the huge factor distance will come in between and will most probably change the pace and normality of what you enjoy now.

Once this is settled, go straight to laying down rules for you both.

Collaborate rather than compromise to reach an agreement. We do not want anyone to feel alienated or be surprised by impositions, right?

Will you be exclusive with each other, or are dates with other people acceptable? Up to what extent should you keep track of each other’s activities? Should you call everyday?

These may be controversial questions but they are better discussed at this time than later.

2. Do not communicate excessively.

A photo of a woman with luggages
Potava WomenFind time to see each other personally even when in a long
distance relationship.

While we understand that this is the only way for you to be “close,” talking with each other at every hour possible can become tiring.

What else would you be excited to share with her when you’re reporting everything you’re doing by the minute?

Distance should not be compensated by excessive chatting. This can become an annoyance and burden to your foreign partner.

You would not want to get tired of hearing from her, right? So keep this in mind when you wish to chat or communicate with her more than what is considered normal.

Set aside time specifically for you two to talk. Know when to tease at the right time and place.

3. Find things you can do together.

Many men are afraid they may not be able to come up with long-distance relationship activities they can do together with a faraway Ukrainian girlfriend.

This includes knowing how to share each other’s interests and spending time together with the obvious obstacle in the way.

With technology continuously growing to new heights, there is almost nothing impossible for a dedicated man.

There are various fun couple activities to try.

Stream a TV show online at the same time. Become a party of two with several online games. Track each other’s exercise sets and go for a run while (cautiously!) on a bluetooth call. You can even buy each other useful, needed gifts under one online cart.

Distance can never get in the way of creativity and good-to-honest effort.

4. Enjoy your time away from each other.

Just as having a bit of distance between you and your foreign lady doesn’t necessarily mean you are in a weak relationship, basking in your me-time doesn’t equate to wanting a break up either.

It is a healthy trait in a partnership, being able to have time for yourself — may it be spent on friends, family, personal hobbies, etc. — and not feel lonely.

While you want her as your lifetime partner you should also build up on your daily well-being.

Continue learning new things by going after that degree you have always wanted. Stay active and exercise. Visit places with other friends and enjoy holidays with your family.

Doing things with your girlfriend in mind is nice, but always remember that you are the core of your own life, the first priority — and no one else.

Coming back to her at the end of the day, fulfilled and content with what you have and can do in life, is always sweeter and better.

If both of you can practice this in your relationship, there won’t be anything stronger than what you have.

5. Plan your visits.

All the stress and pain of being in a long-distance relationship are always chased away once partners get to be together for a time. Thus, it’s no wonder that many choose travelling as a big surprise for their better halves.

The chance to hold hands, kiss, hug, and be intimate with your foreign partner may be a common experience for others, but it will be very special for you both, so make sure to plan accordingly for this.

Do not take too long to plan for your visits, and do not make it too often as well.

Make it a meaningful coming-home experience, not just “another day” with her.

6. Avoid situations that can bring problems to your relationship.

A photo of a woman solemnly looking at her phone
Potava WomenDon’t feed into your worries and fears, especially when you’re
in a long-distance relationship.

This means that you should not do things that you know your Ukrainian girlfriend will not like, may it be going out drinking with strangers or being too lax about that one “friend” who keeps on bombarding you with chat messages.

Clear it out with your partner, talk about your preferences, and be sure to come up with options that you’re both comfortable with.

It’s important to air out your opinions as well. Make it a candid and respectful conversation and honor what you end up agreeing with.

Being careless about these delicate situations can cause your partner to be suspicious, worried, and very upset.

Lead with the mind, not just with the heart.

Go the distance.

Starting a long-distance relationship can be very challenging, demanding, and scary, but that shouldn’t stop you from reaching for that happily-ever-after with the foreign lady you wish to have in your life.

She is worth the wait, right?

So don’t let go; instead, keep yourself up with the grind and you are sure to enjoy a relationship that is as good as those within a minute’s distance — if not better.

Take this relationship advice to heart. Keep the love, respect, and dedication in your relationship alive. As a result, you will soon see how the miles in between don’t even matter.

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