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Dating Tips | How to Handle Relationship Misunderstandings

An arguing couple.
Potava WomenLearn some dating tips that will help you handle
misunderstandings in your relationship a lot better.

The internet is literally filled to the brim with basic dating tips that aim to help you foresee, approach, and solve basic relationship problems. But the caveat to these dating tips is that most relationships are anything but basic. We all face unique and bespoke relationship woes that most of the time require unique solutions as well.

While dating tips and relationship advice can be helpful in most scenarios, sometimes it’s best to just go with what your gut and intuition tell you. This is especially true if you are dating foreign ladies.

Given the fact that you don’t share the same culture, traditions and value system, misunderstandings and arguments are inevitably bound to arise. But this doesn’t mean that fostering a harmonious and loving relationship with a foreign lady is impossible. As with other things in life, in order for an interracial relationship to work out, it’ll require patience, understanding, and compromise - lots of it.

You’re probably thinking to yourself right now “didn’t you just tell me earlier that it’s best to follow my gut when dating a foreign girl, so why does it sound like I’m about to read a piece of relationship advice from you?”. While this may sound perversely oxymoronic from our previous statement, this is one piece of advice that you might want to sit on.

You see, although all relationships are unique, there’s one common denominator in almost all of them: misunderstandings. Regardless of who you’re with or which part of the world they came from, misunderstandings are something you can never run away from.

The key to a happy, healthy and lasting relationship isn’t to avoid arguments and misunderstandings at all cost, it’s knowing how to deal with those misunderstandings so that it won’t have irreparable consequences on your relationship. Here’s how:

  1. Don’t jump directly into conclusions.
    Assumptions only lead to disappointments. What’s worse is that you might even end up assuming the wrong thing. Whatever you wish to clarify with your partner, it’s best to simply ask her about it instead of coming up with a conclusion of your own.

  2. Voice out your emotions.
    Although there are certain emotions you have to keep to yourself, there are times where you have to let your partner know how you’re feeling. Advise your partner to do the same as well. Emotions that are kept inside for too long might become unhealthy not just for your relationship, but also for you.

  3. Don’t force an issue to be resolved right away.
    If you’re unable to come to a mutual agreement right away, then try to be patient and find other ways to resolve whatever issue you’re dealing with. Most misunderstandings are aggravated because of a lack of patience.

    It’s not every time that you’ll get to resolve a problem overnight. Sometimes it’s best to wait for the rage and frustration to subside before tackling the problem again. It’ll help you both approach the problem with a clear head and a calm heart.

  4. Be considerate of your partner’s feelings.
    Apart from patience and understanding, you also have to be sensitive to your partner’s feelings. There will be times where it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong. If your relationship is really important to you, then remind yourself of that whenever you’re trying to resolve a problem together with your partner.

  5. Never allow your ego to get the best of you
    Most bitter breakups happen not because of the problem but because of how the problem was poorly handled. In most cases, couples try to resolve an argument by either pointing fingers or imposing that they’re right. You should know that that kind of approach will not get you anywhere.

    So always remind yourselves to keep your egos in check. After all, the willingness to compromise is one of the purest definition of real love.

All things considered, it can’t be denied that misunderstandings happen every now and then. But rather than avoiding them, it’s always better to learn how to resolve them instead. Misunderstandings and arguments are inevitable, after all.

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