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Must Try Delicacies of Ukraine | Top Poltava Restaurants

people dining inside a restaurant
Potava WomenExplore the many Poltava restaurants and experience
their fantastic local cuisine.

When it comes to the culinary world of Ukraine, there are different specialties and manipulation of specific ingredients to their best use. For example:

Central Ukraine - there are no dietary restrictions since it is located at the center where all sorts of ingredients meet, and this is where Poltava restaurants come in.

Southern Ukraine - where most specialties compromise on seafood because it is located near the coastal area.

Northern Ukraine - where crops are abundant and has greatly affected special delicacies, such as potato related dishes.

Western Ukraine - this is historically a part of Poland, Austria-Hungary, so its cuisine is famous for its rich set of culinary recipes and traditions like soups.

Eastern Ukraine - where the food drastically differs from other parts of Ukraine. The most famous dish is okroshka, also known as cold soup. When you think about it, it has a weird vibe because soups are supposed to be served hot.

To learn more about Ukraine food recipes, here are some foods that you must try when visiting Ukraine:

1. Paska (Easter bread)

When you visit Ukraine, never forget to try this traditional Ukrainian food, which is also known as kulich. This sweet and fragrant bread is served in every kitchen before Easter, hence the name Easter bread.

2. Borscht

This is a simple soup made with meat, bone stock, and vegetable broth. There are many variations for this delicacy, and it’s probably the most famous Ukrainian dish. It is also commonly regarded as the national dish which is served as a traditional Christmas eve starter.

3. Varenyky

This is also another popular Ukrainian dish. It is a dumpling filled with a variety of ingredients such as vegetables, meat, and many more.

4. Holubtsi

This is similar to a dumpling, but instead of using flour-based wrapping, it uses cabbage leaves as a substitute. You can also use vine leaves as a variation for this dish.

5. Holodets

One of Ukraine’s weird but favorite dishes. This is a dish served cold. It is a traditional dish consisting of meat in gelatine. In other words, it is made of jellied bones and cartilage broth. As weird as it sounds, it is served as an appetizer and is recommended to be paired with a glass of vodka.

6. Deruni (Potato pancakes)

This is a classic Ukrainian potato pancake traditionally served hot and paired with a dollop of sour cream. In Ukraine, this is often a Sunday dish which is served for breakfast or dinner.

7. Chicken Kyiv

This is an extremely popular dish served in Ukrainian restaurants. It is considered the culinary business card of the Ukrainian capital.

8. Olivier Potato Salad

It is considered as the king of any Ukrainian feast because it is traditionally prepared using simple ingredients that are always at hand.

9. Walnut Stuffed Prunes

One dish that reminds Ukrainians of the old carefree days. The ingredients are easy to find because Ukraine is the country of walnuts and plums.

10. Nalesniki (Nalysnyky)

This pancake is the most popular dish for Shrovetide which comes in sweet or savory versions. This is traditionally served after the main course and before dessert. It serves as an appetizer for your dessert.

You can find these delicacies when you visit local areas in Ukraine, or better yet, in most Poltava restaurants. As such, below are restaurants that are ranked according to their ratings and reviews.

Top Poltava Restaurants

1. Restaurant Kozachka

Come to this place if you want to have a great time and experience the best Ukrainian food in Poltava. The servers are dressed in traditional costume and the restaurant offers a selection of a public setting or a private room. It has a nice atmosphere with a park-like environment because it has lots of woods.

2. Shade Meat and Wine Cafe

Experience fine dining with a calming interior that can create the perfect mood for a couple's evening. The staff are very professional and friendly. It is a great place with top notch food quality and service.

3. Mimino

It's a place deemed for its best Georgian experience. It has a fascinating ambience paired with a suitable and reasonable price and quality. It is totally worth finding and going for.

4. Meat Wood

Burgers… Burgers everywhere! A go-to location in Poltava for great burgers. The prices are reasonably cheap and the food is amazingly delicious.

5. Palazzo Restaurant

A great place with an elegant ambience for dining. The food is excellent and tasty, and perfect for trying out local cuisines. The prices may be high by Poltava standards, but the food is definitely worth trying.

6. Bar Concrete

It is a great and spacious place with incredible food and an ambient atmosphere. It is considered one of the best places in Poltava and highly recommended for visiting. It is also very foreigner-friendly because they have an English menu.

7. Shade Burger

Another great place to grab burgers in Poltava. It has a very stylish and clean interior, and they provide excellent service and delicious foods.

8. Lileya

A place that can make you say, “WOW!” Visit this place with a great view from the balcony area. This is an ideal choice for a relaxed dining environment and excellent quality foods. The services are top notch, and the restaurant has a separate karaoke bar if you want to burn some calories after a good meal.

9. Cafe Moxito

Try to visit this cute cafe and bar. It is a foreigner-friendly place because they have an English menu, as well as English speaking staff. The service is good and the food is excellent.

10. Karavai Bakery

If you are looking for a great bakery, this is the best place to go. Experience Ukrainian baking and their incredible local pastries. The pastries are not only very tasty, but also very cheap, and there are many amazing selections to choose from.

There are many more Poltava restaurants that you must try when you get to visit Central Ukraine. Experience what it's like to be one of the locals and enjoy playing tourist. There are many things out there that are waiting to be explored. Trust us when we say that you’ll have a whole new appreciation for your own culture and memorable moments that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.

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