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What Qualities Ukraine Women Find Attractive in Men

A Ukrainian woman kissing her boyfriend on the cheek
Potava WomenFind out what 5 qualities can sweep any Ukrainian woman off her feet.

Beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. It is such a subjective matter that it’s impossible to come up with a definitive beauty standard that the majority can agree on. But when it comes to Ukraine women, we bet that everyone will almost unanimously put them on the short list of the most beautiful women in the world.

If you are among the countless number of men who also dream of dating and eventually marrying a Ukrainian woman, you’re in luck, because, one of the world’s most reputable international dating sites, has thousands of Ukrainian girl members looking to date a foreign guy as well. It’s definitely worth looking through, just to admire the beauties of the Balkans.

But before you go browsing on the profiles of the lovely ladies in, you ought to know first what qualities these ladies are attracted to. While these preferences vary from one Ukrainian woman to another, these qualities are what they generally look for in a man:

  1. Good sense of humor

    Ukrainian ladies are often perceived as drab or incapable of having a good time. They just have that distinct aura to them that seems like they’re always uptight.

    On the contrary, they love to laugh, and there’s no easier way to win her affection than by showing her your good humor and playfulness. A man with a great smile and sense of fun is instantly on the right track to catch the eyes - and steal the hearts - of these girls.

  2. Intelligence

    One can make a case that most Ukrainian women are sapiosexual; in layman’s terms, they are turned on by intelligence. While this may sound intimidating in hindsight, it is worth noting that women in Ukraine are also known for their impeccable intelligence and hunger for knowledge.

    It isn’t very surprising then that they also look for a man whom they can have sensible, serious, or witty conversations. Charm her mind and you’ll surely win her heart too.

  3. Good fashion sense

    Here’s a solid piece of dating advice for men out there: if you want to easily grab a Ukrainian woman’s attention - dress well. These women are fashionably savvy, which is why they expect the same level of style from their partners.

    You don’t necessarily need designer clothes to impress them. For as long as you mix and match properly, the Ukrainian girls will take notice of you, and you’ll undoubtedly turn heads as a well-dressed couple on any date.

  4. Self-sufficient

    One of the strongest qualities of the typical Ukrainian woman is her unrelenting drive for success. If they are that determined to better their quality of life, it is understandable therefore for them to also look for a man with a sensible and responsible attitude to their lifestyle and finances.

  5. Sincere and genuine love

    Ukrainian dating culture and romantic meetups are taken seriously. There isn’t any appetite for playing around or one-night-stands. If you take a lady out, you better be in it for the right reasons and not just looking for no-strings fun.

    Hookups are unheard of. These ladies value relationships and commitment that matters. So if you intend on keeping her, never ask a Ukrainian girl out just for fun, because you’ll be setting her up for the inevitable heartbreak and make yourself look like a love rat.

Those are qualities that, if you possess them, will instantly put you ahead of your competition. However, don’t solely rely on them. It doesn’t mean that just because you possess those qualities, Ukrainian women will already be lining up for you.

As we said earlier, these preferences vary from one girl to another. Your best bet at impressing a Ukrainian girl, or any girl for that matter, is how you treat them and how you show your sincere intention and genuine interest.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with now and make your dreams of dating a Ukrainian beauty a reality!

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