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5 Things NOT to Do When Dating Ukrainian Women

Dating Ukrainian Women
Potava WomenUnderstanding the do’s and don'ts of dating
Ukrainian women is important if you’re looking for lasting love.

We get it. You’re not quite sure if you’ve got enough game to impress a Ukrainian woman.

It’s understandable.

There are more beautiful women at a downtown bowling alley in Kiev than your entire town and the next two combined. That’s according to every other tourist in Ukraine at least. But dating Ukrainian women is not, and should not be, the daunting task most men make it out to be.

Women in Ukraine are as lovely and sweet as anyone you can come by, and that’s key to how you should make your approach. Women there aren’t a commodity, no matter how much the media or society makes them out to be. And while you can’t blame every other man for thinking so, putting them on a pedestal isn’t going to help your cause one bit.

Imagine you get to date a Miss Universe contestant.

Will you be thinking of taking her on long walks at the beach?

Or cooking ham and eggs with her?

Or talking about romantic vampires and werewolves till the break of dawn?

These things will NEVER cross your mind.

Because you’ll be dating a Miss Universe contestant! Now you’re panicking, stumbling around like a bumbling fool because you have her on a pedestal so high Instagrammers are taking selfies of it.

Ukrainian women have that Miss Universe effect. We keep hearing about how majestically beautiful they are that it seems unreal, like seeing a unicorn for the first time. Our minds go into “impress the hell out of her mode,” which, while well-meaning, is ill-advised. So to make things easier, here are 5 things you should avoid when dating Ukrainian women:

Mr. Nice Guy Does NOT Translate in Ukraine

Emphasis on “super.” The age-old saying “nice guys finish last” appropriately applies. This isn’t, however, the easiest advice to follow as it requires a deeper understanding of who Mr. Nice Guy is in dating philosophy.

Nice guys are identified by their lack of spinal fortitude. These are men who are too preoccupied with pleasing their dates that they lose any semblance of assertiveness or image of self-confidence.

Ukrainian women are attracted to confident men. These men are confident in their own ability to make decisions. They know when to take the lead and when to give way. “Nice guys” on the other hand are indecisive, they don’t know when to say “no” and defer on hard decision making.

Don’t be Mr. Super Nice Guy while dating Ukrainian girls. Indecisiveness does not rub women in Ukraine the right way. You should not let women walk all over you either. Take charge, make plans, and be decisive.

Treat Ukrainian Women Politely

Quoting from an old English proverb - “Manners maketh man.” When dating Ukrainian women, a gentlemanly showing will be key to garnering a second date.

These ladies are old school like that. They expect generous amounts of chivalry from the moment they step out the door and into your car. Or a horse carriage. Or a taxi, whichever is available.

Dating in Ukraine is like living in a pre-war era black and white film. Cue the sweet violin music. This is your chance to make the lady feel like a princess. Ukrainian women are very feminine and they love the romantic treatment.

Open the door for her, remove her coat, pull her a chair, pay for dinner. Do all these and more, and you will leave her impressed. Do none, and you might as well book your return flight a bit earlier.

Being polite and well-mannered extends to regular, everyday activities as well. Remember, your date is always watching. If you don’t offer your seat on the train to a pregnant woman, you and your date are going to “need to talk.”

Women in Ukraine EXPECT Respect

Don’t be the obnoxious guy who brings politics and religion to the dining table. When you’re dating a Ukrainian, your goal is to make the night as enjoyable for the both of you as possible.

Talking about the Russian invasion isn’t going to help. Also, Ukrainians are proud people. Don’t confuse them with Russians. Ever.

Never bring Pandora’s box to a date and attempt to open it with every odd chance you get. Stick to safe topics like hobbies, tourist things to do, and which cute puppy dogs make great pets.

One other thing - don’t mention scammers to women you meet on Ukrainian dating sites. Yes, Ukrainians get a bad rap for online dating scams, and bringing it up is outright disrespectful.

Unless you are adept at picking up signs of a romance scammer, then you might want to start thinking about your exit strategy. If not, it’s better to leave the scam thing completely off the table. Calling her a mail order bride would be even worse!

Ukrainian Women HATE a Show Off

Being a show-off is a major turn-off for Ukrainian ladies. It is easy, however, to think that in order to impress your date, you need to go into full peacock mode. It’s also a different story when you show her that you are stable and an able provider, as compared to being narcissistic and boastful.

Be just the right amount of forthcoming. Buying her flowers and simple gifts, for example, is absolutely encouraged. Buying her a diamond necklace for your second date, for example? Doing something like this may even upset Slavic women.

Men will not need to spend thousands of dollars or flash their credit card to impress single women in Ukraine. Especially if you have only known the woman for a short period of time.

Balance is key. You want to show your woman that you financially support her, but she doesn’t need to see your bank balance. That is, of course, if you want the kind of woman you can bring home to mom. Western men who engage Slavic women for dating and companionship can sometimes get this wrong.

Ukrainian Women Take Love SERIOUSLY

Ukrainian dating culture is generally traditional. Contrary to Western dating culture wherein many people date casually, Ukrainians date to find potential life partners. If you want to date seriously in Ukraine, you better have plans of eventually marrying a Ukrainian woman.

Understand that when a Ukrainian woman falls in love with you, she will stick with you. They are committed lovers.

If you can’t handle that kind of commitment, you have to bring it up immediately on the chance that she is dating for the same reasons. If not, you better reevaluate your intentions.

Dating Ukrainian women is about bringing out your best qualities as a man - confidence, wit, humor, security, and care. But hey, if you truly care about a woman, all of that comes out naturally.

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