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Wedding Traditions in Ukraine with Poltava Women

The bride and the groom holding hands together.
Potava WomenGet to know some of the Ukrainian wedding customs
before tying the knot with her!

The vastness of the world and the oblivion every person feels still drive more people to getting together with their better halves. In this world, one seeks love and partnership as a matter to be taken seriously. Do you feel in love? Or rather, are you in love with a Poltava woman? Then it’s time for you to know these wedding traditions in Ukraine.

The dating world can clearly get the best out of a person. When a person starts to find love, he or she could go to greater lengths just to make a relationship work and be a successful one. May it be love that sprung from having met online, internet dating nowadays can compete in the dating game.

After meeting several potential partners, you narrow your choice down to being with a woman from Poltava. Needless to say, you had just made the best decision you could come up with when it comes to love.

Being in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman can teach you a lot of things that you never knew you needed to know. So if you think you are finally ready in settling down with her, then perhaps think again and read some of these Ukrainian traditions for weddings:

1. Dealing and settling with the ransom.

Just like what you see in movies, a ransom is a fair amount asked in exchange for the person being held hostage. Although the concept does not involve violence and abduction in a Ukrainian wedding, it is done in a way where the Ukrainian bride is hidden by the family as the groom fetches her and brings the ransom to gift the bride’s family.

All at the same time, the bridesmaids make sure that the bride is not stolen by paying less of the ransom amount and being taken away by the groom.

Seems to be a proactive start to Ukrainian culture, isn’t it? Hold your horses, gentlemen, for it is yet to begin.

2. The wedding ceremony.

After the groom gets his blushing bride, the ceremony begins. The couple faces the altar hand in hand, with all the smiling faces of their friends and family witnessing the union of two people as one.

In most cases, the bride will be wearing the classic white gown alongside the groom in a black suit. However in some cases, the bride might be donning a traditional Ukrainian wedding dress.

Most people in Ukraine belong to the Orthodox church and practice their faith as followers of the Eastern Orthodox. Although religious beliefs and practices may be something that differ for both of you, the ceremony itself will unite you like no other.

3. Putting the ring on it.

Picture this. You are in front of the altar and the whole crowd watches you lift your Ukrainian bride’s hand to slip the ring on her finger, but you accidentally got the wrong one. What?!

Traditions in Ukraine dictate that the wedding ring finger is completely opposite to what most of the people in general have been used to. The ring is worn on the right hand of the bride and continues so unless the husband unfortunately dies before her, at that point, the ring is transferred to the left hand.

4. Earning the family’s blessings.

The members of the family are the closest people to the bride and groom. A little while after the intimate ceremony, a ritual called the “Blahoslovenja” takes place as family members express their sincere wishes and blessings to the newly married couple.

On some occasions, the ritual is done at the bride’s home but doing so will not affect the sanctity of the whole ceremony. Amazingly, these could be the purest traditional Ukrainian wedding gifts you could ever receive.

5. The Korovai wedding bread.

One of the things that Ukrainian women look forward to is celebrating the ceremony with the traditional Korovai, which is the Ukrainian wedding bread. In Ukraine, it is the traditional wedding cake that is never missing in a wedding.

The korovai is characterized by its braided and circular appearance made from wheat flour and is decorated with figurines that are passed on to the newly married couple in hopes of giving them warm blessings.

6. The Ukrainian wedding toast.

A wedding toast makes up a great amount of activity on a Ukrainian wedding. Almost all of the family and guests around join in the toast. After every sip, guests playfully say ‘Hirko!’ which translates to ‘bitter’ in English.

The people would believe that if something is bitter, then it can be sweetened by a kiss, thus the newly married couple does so. This becomes the cue for the bride and groom to kiss each other. This tradition is often used to bring a lighter and happier atmosphere in the wedding and is done a number of times all throughout the night.

Tie the Knot Ready!

Love is one of the broadest emotions and feelings that a person could possibly feel. It is one powerful tool, avenue, and reason, for people to choose their actions and decisions over something that involves their heart and the person owning it.

Truly, words are never enough to describe such, and the feeling of being in love can not be simply put into words. Extreme joy and happiness, but pure sadness and hurt are all felt together with love. As much as almost all people want to feel love and be loved back, not everybody wins the desirable way.

Dating is the first step to finding love. You date a person you have an interest in, and later on develop even deeper feelings thus become love. A romantic relationship is formed when two people confirm and reciprocate one another’s feelings.

You see, you date to marry. You marry the person you cherished the most above all and the person whom you believe is the best match for you.

For those of you who are in love with a woman from Poltava, Ukraine, give it your all and simply be loved back in return. Remember that before settling down with her, it is best to know and recognize these wedding traditions in Ukraine.

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