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Holiday Gift Giving Traditions in Ukraine

A man and woman exchanging gifts.
Most Ukrainian women are patriotic, they adhere to long-honored customs including the local gift giving tradition.

Nothing like the holidays can get your mind as busy as it is.

It is the time of year when you have tons of things to plan and think about. On top of that, there’s the self-induced pressure to get everyone you love a present, and you’ll most likely find yourself caught in a hectic holiday schedule.

Gift shopping, dinner invites, family gatherings — the list goes on. And if you’re confused about what to give the special Ukrainian lady in your life this New Year, worry not. Learn about the gift-giving customs in Ukraine here.

All About Gifting

It is believed that doing good to others on New Year is a great way to bring good luck to yourself for the coming year.

On every birthday, anniversary, Christmas, and New Year, you carefully decide and choose a gift for someone you care for. You either want it to be something they like, something they can use for a long time, or simply something that reminds you of them.

In theory, gifts are believed to be likable. It is also a token of your relationship and a representation of your feelings for them, especially if it’s for your significant other.

Why We Give Gifts

You could think about a hundred different things to give her as a gift, but you would still end up undecided on what to give her. But if gift-giving is as strenuous as it appears to be, why do you give gifts?

  1. It is a way to show your affection and devotion.

The theory of symbolic interactionism emphasizes the usage of symbols in communicating and interacting. When two lovers want to show each other how they feel, they’ll choose a gift that the other might like.

For men, some of the go-to presents are flowers, chocolates, perfume, stuffed toys, and small pieces of jewelry.

  1. It helps in reinforcing relationships.

It’s no secret that giving someone a gift means you appreciate them for being the person they are. In a way, it’s what you do when you want to establish a better connection and relationship with someone.

  1. It allows you to give happiness.

You give a gift with the happiness of someone in mind. No matter how much your present costs, it won’t matter as long as you make them happy with it. After all, their smile pays off all your efforts.

  1. A gift is symbolic of an occasion.

While some give gifts at random, the best time to receive one is on a special occasion. Gifts help preserve the memories you made during that day, and the receiver will remember every time she lays her eyes on it.

Gifts for Christmas.
Dating a Ukrainian woman means you'd have to learn about some of the customs in Ukraine.

If you’re planning to spend the New Year in Ukraine and don’t know what to get your lover and her family, here’s what you need to know about the country’s customs in gift-giving.

New Year’s Day Gifts

New Year’s Day is one of the most cheerful holidays in the country and one favored by many. On Christmas eve, Ukrainians traditionally exchange gifts, and on the morning of January 1st, children open their presents placed under the New Year tree.

Ukrainians usually shop for gifts a week before the New Year, and if you don’t want last-minute changes on your shopping list, you might as well shop earlier.

Grab your pen and paper because here are some gift suggestions you should take note of:

  • Fruit baskets

    Fruit baskets often have apples, pineapples, melons, peaches, and oranges in them which can either be fresh or dried.

  • Gourmet gift baskets

    Surprise her with gourmet delights in a basket. Choose among the following: green olives, salami, whole wheat crackers, salted gourmet crackers, salted pistachios, salted mixed nuts, spreadable and hard imported cheese.

  • Sweet gourmet gifts

    Who doesn’t love chocolates and candies? This New Year, express your romantic feelings and put a smile on her face by giving her a sweet gourmet basket!

  • Wine gift baskets

    New Year’s Day in Ukraine always calls for a celebration. That said, give someone a wine basket to top off their grandiose meal, with a wide selection between red, white, rose, sparkling, and dessert wine.

    Add items to your baskets such as nuts, chocolates, fresh fruits, cheese, bread, and crackers. If you want to be a little extra romantic, a stem of red rose will suffice.

  • Champagne baskets

    Just like wine, champagne is an ideal New Year gift. Not only is it perfect for the occasion, but it sets the holiday atmosphere even if you’re just at home. Pair up a bottle of champagne with truffles, chocolate bars, orange and apple juice, sodas, and alcohol-free apple cider. You can also add balloons as a gift.

  • A couple holding a gift.
    One great way to spend New Year’s Day in Ukraine is by honoring the real essence of the occasion.
  • Corporate gifts

    What makes a perfect gift? Would that be a little bit of everything?

    A corporate gift basket is pretty much everything packed as one. It comes with wine, liquor, fruits, chocolates and candies, and romantic gifts like stuffed toys, plants, flowers, mugs, and scented candles.

  • Electronics and gadgets

    Perhaps you’re fascinated by the beauty of Ukrainian women, and dating one isn’t a bad idea. If you’re a long-distance couple, improve your communication by giving her electronics that would help you stay connected for most hours of the day.

As appealing as all of these gifts are, sometimes, the best present you can give her is something that comes from your heart. Because you’re someone who knows her best, finding the perfect gift for her should not feel like work.

A Ukrainian Holiday

It’s safe to say that the holidays are when almost every single person in this world wears a smile on their face. Often, it is a celebration of love, hope, family, and friendships.

But if we look closer, the New Year is also a celebration of the battles you’re fighting. Though the past year may not have been a glorious one for you, the new one should open doors to better opportunities.

Just like in your relationship, it should also mark a fresh start for you. Change the old bad habits into healthier ones and learn to be more communicative.

This time, be as transparent and vulnerable to her because, after all, she is your partner for a reason.

Celebrate an unforgettable New Year celebration in Ukraine and create lasting memories with your soulmate.

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